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A new way of trading gold

Track gold price in real time

Gold trading anytime, anywhere


Ultra-low minimum purchase
starting at 1 CNY

Transparent price and zero fees


A brand new model for gold trading

  • New Gold

    Flexible gold trading

  • New Retail Model

    Digital asset transaction

  • New Service

    Processing, customization, redemption

  • Physical Security

    Secured by insurance companies

Blockchain Technology

Gold asset security guaranteed by the new technology.

  • The First Public Blockchain in China Technical support provided by Metaverse
  • Decentralized trading Safe, transparent, traceable
  • Digital identity Strengthened blockchain credit rating systems

Development History

Before 2016
Project launched
May 2017
Project preparation
July 2017
Completed ecosystem design and
collaboration plans with industry peers
September 2017
ZenGold management system and APP development,
adjustment of domestic collaboration plans
November 2017
Android Beta 0.3.2 released
May 2016 – April 2017
Blockchain main net and technical documents determined
June 2017
Business model readjusting, brand & product positioning and program landing
August 2017
Completed the app interface, inter, system framework design as well as the development of database
October 2017
Android Alpha 0.1.0 – 0.2.5 released, Alpha testing event completed
December 2017
iOS released in APP Store


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