In order to become a holder of ZGC token, you need to participate in ICO which will be announced via 3 different platforms:, and You can invest in ZGC by using any of those platforms and become an owner of ZGC tokens before its actual launch.
ZGC represents the right for its holders to receive a share from the generated profit of the ZenGold network. The profit of the network is generated by the users transacting with ZGC and paying a transaction fee.
ZenGold will issue 100.000.000 ZGC tokens in total. ZGC tokens purchased during the ICO will constitute 63% of total supply of ZGC tokens. Additional 7% will be distributed through Bounty program for blogging, translations and local community management. The remaining 30% of tokens will be split with 10% given to ZenGold team (as a reward and for ongoing research) and 20% going to the ZenGold foundation(for future development and operation costs of ZenGold).
ZenGold ICO will be open for 15 days, between May 26 7am GMT(opening date) to June 9 7am GMT(closing date). If the set sum of the fund is achieved before the closing date of ICO, the campaign will end before June 9.
Following currencies will be accepted: BTC, ETP, ETH and ETC.
The relevant payment addresses for all three currencies will be available on the official webpage of ZenGold.
The price of each ZGC for ICO will be predetermined by the ZenGold team. The special bonuses for the investors in ZenGold will be available during the ICO campaign. Early bird investors will receive up to 20% off on purchased tokens. The bonuses vary with the time of relevant investor completing the contribution. The breakdown of available bonus system will be available on ICO opening date on the official web page of ZenGold.
Immediately after ICO closing date, the four separate multi-signature addresses gathering the information on all the contributions made during ICO in BTC and ETP will be publicly available ensuring external audibility of the funds raised during the campaign.
One week after the funding campaign is completed, ZGC tokens belonging to each ICO participant will be determined based on the total amount raised and the ZGC tokens transferred to individual user accounts.
One month after ICO completion and token distribution, ZGC tokens are planned to be traded on the selected exchanges contacted prior to the end of the ICO campaign.

By becoming ZGC owner you gain:

  • Early access to a token which has the potential for capital growth;
  • More liquidity in the early stage of ZenGold ecosystem development;
  • Possibility to be the participant of the fast-growing and open-source community;
  • The innovative way to deploy the capital;
  • Diversification opportunity into the alternative type of the assets;
  • Opportunity to gain quick returns (with no lockout periods set, the investors in ZenGold ICO willing to cash out can sell the tokens they purchased during the campaign afterZGC is listed on the exchanges), or alternatively
  • Receive permanent passive income from generated transaction fees and profit from the potential growth of their holdings’ market value.
The funds received during ICO shall be kept and managed based on the transparency, audibility and efficiency principles. Raised fund will be under the custody of multi-signature wallets of BTC, ETH, ETC and ETP respectively, subject to public audibility. For security concerns, the keys to those multi-signature wallets will be controlled by five trusted individuals. Five out of five signatures will be required to execute any payment from the wallets.